Semi-Modular Adventure

I’m using a combination of hardware and software to get the most of my modular rack. I’ve recorded a few examples using Reaktor Blocks to send a melodic sequence into the rack, as well as various random LFOs, and envelopes. For drums I am using a pattern I programmed into my Arturia Drumbrute.

Since this is my first post I will run through what my modular rack has, and how I’m using it currently for these improvisations.

Starting from the left, we have the Dixie 2 VCO + uFold II, both by Intellijel. I love their modules and these two pair up really well, usually I have a sine wave or triangle wave going through the uFold II to be able to shape the sound source.


Next is the Pressure Plate by Make Noise, a really cool performance module, which I use to send static values from as well as Gates into other modules such as the one coming next. Plonk is in my opinion one of the best modules Intellijel has to offer. I first saw the module in an Andrew Huang and when I saw the amount of features Plonk has, I was impressed, and decided to buy it, its physical modelling at its finest.

The Pingable Envelope Generator (PEG) by 4ms is a great module to be able to have versatile additions to a patch, whether you need an LFO or an envelope, this will cover it. It’s similar to the way that Maths by Make Noise works. Right after the PEG you will find the Intellijel Mosgasmatron Filter, which is a fantastic filter, you can crossfade between two filters, run them in parallel or in sequence using one or two inputs and multiple outputs.

The next two modules are game changers, both by Expert Sleepers, the first one is the ES-3, which connects via ADAT to my audio interface (Arturia Audiofuse) and can receive up to 8 channels of audio/CV information. This means I can use software like VCV Rack, Reaktor, Max/MSP and Pure Data to send out things like pitch CV, gate CV, envelopes. The next module, the Expert Sleepers Disting Mk.4, is a swiss army knife, its a module that has different algorithms inside of it which you can change on the fly, getting anything from an extra LFO, VCO, Filter, to things like reverbs and delays.

The last module on my rack is the uVCA by Intellijel, which is the final destination before going into my audio interface unfortunately I don’t have space for a mixer module in my rack, and maybe will expand in the future, but for now I am all set.